HRDF-claimable training course for Human Resources Management System (HRMS) by vStaff

vStaff offers a complimentary Cloud HRMS System for one year, with no hidden costs, which covers your organization’s complete needs for a government tax compliance all-in-one HR solution.
Through our innovative approach, we help organizations achieve compliance with HRDF guidelines while fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.


By leveraging our software, companies can enhance the skills and capabilities of their workforce, driving productivity and competitiveness in the Malaysian market.

Explore vStaff’s Key Product Features?

Employee Registry

Employee Manager Mobile
Comprehensive personnel database with full range of necessary employee details


Employee Manager Mobile
Our e-leave feature that tracks staff leave and allows convenient application


Employee Manager
Complex yet dynamic daily and monthly staff attendance module with separate overtime (OT) function


Employee Manager
Online documentation for easy access by staff to your company’s policies and employee handbook


Employee Manager
Our powerful claims module with coverage of all major claim types with flexible rates


Employee Manager Mobile
Virtual attendance system with geolocation tagging and automated timesheet linkage


Our essential payroll module that calculates how much to pay your staff and authorities


Our extensive range of statistical analysis tools for every aspect of HR


Update your staff on new or recurring company training sessions

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vStaff HRMS

Do you qualify for HRDF program in

To be eligible to apply for the HRDF, the following criteria must be met:

Registered company under PSMB

You must be a registered and operating company in Malaysia with registration under PSMB.

Contributor to HRD

You should contribute to the HRD Levy and be eligible to apply for training grants.

Direct benefit

The training course must be in an area that offers direct benefit to your business operations.

FAQs about HRDF Program in Malaysia

Yes, vStaff offers free demo sessions to showcase its features and benefits of our HRMS solutions. Contact us to schedule your personalized demonstration and explore how vStaff can cater to your HR needs.

For a smooth HRDF claim process, you will typically need comprehensive documentation such as training reports, attendance records, and other relevant proof of training conducted using vStaff. Our system simplifies this documentation process, making it easier for you to compile the necessary documents.

While vStaff ensures alignment with HRDF’s guidelines, the approval of claims ultimately depends on HRDF’s assessment of eligibility criteria. vStaff can assist in generating necessary reports and documentation, but the approval decision lies with HRDF.

Yes, vStaff can guide you through the documentation process and assist in generating required reports. However, the formal application and approval process with HRDF must be completed independently.

HRDF may have specific deadlines for claim submissions. It is advisable to check with HRDF directly or refer to their official guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The processing time for HRDF claims can vary. Typically, HRDF aims to process claims efficiently, but the exact duration may depend on various factors. For more accurate information, it is recommended to check with HRDF or refer to their official guidelines.