Kidz Our Future Story

We at Kidz Our Future are passionate about educating Children of the Future. We want to be the change maker to equip and empower our children to live their best life!

We thrive on igniting Life-Readiness Education, has decided to take the lead, to share how we can help our children through parenting hood and also new paradigm shift of education.

We are committed to bring together experts and specialists in the field for the development of early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, to collaborate with them to share expertise, intrinsic knowledge, and the “know-hows” to prepare and support our children, parents, educators and others for the skills and insight of the future to be life ready.

When Children Learn, Nations Prosper!

The impact of the pandemic has brought 5 friends from Education faculty of UPM to come together; All of us with our own concern of education has decided to create Kidz Our Future as the new educator of the future, focusing not only on equipping children but also parents and educator to succeed in present for better future!


To nurture responsible individual who aspire to be a good citizen of the world


Create awareness programs on the parameters of good citizen of the world

Core Values

We grow by growing others

Our Story

Wan Ling from running a STEM enrichment centre has decided to upgrade to running a STEM & Life Ready Kidz Care Centre to provide a platform for children to discover themselves, find their path and to build their life skills to succeed in present and for the future. Wan Fang from selling gems has decided to have early retirement so that she can have more time to better prepare her granddaughter as she realise the real gem is none than the kids. Supra and Dr Saiful Amin have special need kids and as the responsible fathers, have been looking for the best solution to prepare their kids to be ready for the future. Dr Amer Hamzah has always been directly involve in education and has seen the needs to constantly upgrade and update our education system.

Holding to the fact that everybody has an opportunity to be great, we realised the critical and urgent needs to set focus on Learning Recovery as the crisis has an impact not just education and learning but also the broader mental health and wellbeing of our children!

We have the responsibility to light up our children’s life with rainbow colours that fill their joy and laughter! 

Kidz Our Future is hosting an educational event named Children Our Future – Education and Parenting Online Convention 2022 where parents and educators alike can learn from the experts on what our kids need to excel in their lives! 


Find out more at dedicated event page

Find out more about Kidz Our Future at their interactive website! 

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