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Expand Your Opportunity With vStaff Reseller Program

The vStaff HRMS Software Reseller Program is the source of success for many professionals who work with business marketing, software resellers, or other forms of life science and wish to enhance their earnings and gain new business. For those who have an influx of business interactions that require increased revenue and more opportunities to enjoy more customers, the vStaff HRMS Software Reseller Program is the perfect ally.

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vStaff Reseller Benefits

More Revenue

Nothing except your present site needs to do the work for you. No further infrastructure is needed to take advantage of that. No changes to your staff will be necessary. We will increase your income without costing you anything.

Increase Exposure

You can advertise our system out in vStaff HRMS for another decade after you started promoting it, and people recognize us and our system as one of the most experienced in the market while the others in Malaysia are viewed merely as popular.

Passive Income

You do not have to leave your current job to join the vStaff reseller program, nor must you be an expert of our staff's system in order to join, all you need to know is the general knowledge and how the program works with minor understanding needed, give it to our sales team so they handle the rest, just keep a leg up and expect to cash in.

Process Flow

Step 1

Register As vStaff Partner

Step 2

Obtain Approval

Step 3

Promote vStaff

Step 4

Pass to sales team

Step 5

Wait for close deal

Step 6

Receive commission

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